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Schererville Girls Softball
Training (7U) Division Rules

1. All players bat each inning.
2. The hitter is held to a single unless the ball is hit to the outfield.
3. The tee will be used for the first three games.
4. For the fourth game, and thereafter, a coach will pitch. If the batter does not get a hit after 4 pitches, the tee will
be used.
5. Batters and runners must always wear a batting helmet with mask.
6. No sliding is allowed in this age group.
7. One base per batter until the last hitter until the last hitter is up, she may round the bases.

1. All players will be on the field – no one sits the bench.
2. All team members are to be rotated to play all positions throughout the year, regardless of ability.
3. All players should play both infield and outfield positions each game.
4. There will be a player in the pitchers position for fielding purposes.
5. Coaches will be allowed on the field for instruction purposes.
6. Catchers will be optional, depending on the number of players. When fielding a catcher, full equipment will be
7. All players must wear a face mask in the field.

1. Base paths will be 60 feet.
2. Pitching mound will be 25 feet.
3. Games will be 3 innings, or a maximum of 1:15 hour in length. If the game is moving quickly, the 2 teams
managers may elect to play an extra inning.
4. No paid umpires are used for this league. Managers and coaches will perform this function.
5. No score will be kept in this age group.
6. Managers are to advise their commissioner should they have a player with skill level sufficient to play in the 8
year old division. There may be need to “pull up” these players on occasion if an 8 year old team is short.
7. Games will be played with an 11” incredible or soft Tball.

Please always remember our objective – for the girls to have fun, develop team spirit, and learn the basics of softball.